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Organize Your Life in 10 Minutes!  

Simple and easy!

 Keep a list of small tasks that can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less. (You may have to take a few extra minutes to prepare you for the 10 minute tasks…but it will be well worth it). Be sure you have a timer…it’s your best friend here! Ready -  set -  go!

10 Minute Chores: Everyone should participate! Make a box and list of chores that can be done by every family member (each task should take no longer than 10 minutes!) Write them on a slip of paper to be placed in the box. Once a day each person draws a task. They can be age appropriate such as pick up toys.  

10 Minute Pick-Up: Starting at the front door, grab a box and walk your home. Take 5 minutes to pick up anything that is not where it belongs and the remaining 5 minutes to put things away.

10 Minute Beauty: Pluck it, shave it, clip it, mask it! Take 10 minutes to do those special things to fine tune your look!

10 Minute Clean up: Dust blinds, wash windows, clean baseboards, change furnace filters…all those tasks that may be over looked.

10 Minutes Personal Growth: Grab a book, watch a video or write in a journal! Everyone has a purpose and taking time in each day to grow into a better person is well work the small cracks of time!

Just following these simple steps will have you organized and moving in the right direction in no time…well, maybe 10 minutes!  


Decorating My Rental Space
The Story of a Real Time Renter Decorating Project

Journal Entry #2 -  Bedroom Furniture...the dresser!

We Have a dresser in the master bedroom! This hunt took FOREVER because personally I'm not a huge fan of this kind of  monstrous piece of furniture (I'd rather be selecting wall art!)!

Here is what what bought:
Tuscan Dresser - Decorating the BedroomIt's a lovely Mission Style piece that I had picked out almost 4 months ago and had to go back and get it. Now...we decided that our largest investments this time around were going to be on "hearty" furniture that will stand the test of time. I know I could have gone to Target and bought a less expensive, less quality piece that would have looked GREAT, but I really wanted something with substance. It cost $400 and I absolutely love it!

In the past we bought most of our furniture spur of the moment without putting much thought into it...if it looked great we bought it even if it had to be propped up with a stick! This time around I wanted to be more thoughtful and selective. What did I love about that model home? It was the solid construction of the furnishings.

It's time to get some wall work done so next time ...let's talk



Journal Entry #1

Well, the remodel project is close to completion and we are moved in! Here is the pre-move in video to help you get an idea of what the rental looks like which we are about decorate!


Decorating Project History

To give a brief history on our situation I'd like to start by saying we have been renting for over 15 years...why? Because the old 1900 house we found is in a beautiful neighborhood out in the country, in a location we can't afford to by in! That being said, we became used to the freedom from our landlord to "decorate as we pleased" because when we originally moved into the house, it wasn't in the best shape.
Ranch Home Remode & Decoratingl Project - Before
House Bedore - During Remodel
About 3 years ago our landlords son decided to remodel "a room" (meaning 1) because it was just not in good shape. To make long story short... here we are 3 years later in an completely new rental home because the old one had to be demolished! Sounds great right? Nothing like starting out fresh! Well...here is the dilemma ...

Decor thoughts:
We have been in the newly remodeled space for almost 6 months now and have found that decorating it is like walking on eggshells. Part of my fear is that we are living in a brand spankin' new house! Sounds wonderful right?  Yet, the bottomline of it is that it's not our own so decorating becomes a little bit more tricky when you are starting out with a pristine space!
Well, since this time we have moved our furniture in, but wanted to remember it empty in hopes of getting some inspiration on what to do next. I think my biggest challenge will be where to put what we have, what to get that I don't have yet and what how I should choose the colors for each room.


Action Plan
- Last week I ordered a new dresser! The old rental home had drawers in the walls so we have never owned a dresser...in that last 15 year! It's has been a 8 month hunt and finally found the perfect one one!

- Make a floor plan of how to make each room ideal by drawing a floor plan, including accessories

Next Time I'll share what furniture we have to work with ...some we will keep, some we will get rid of! Hope you enjoy! ~ TJ Renter

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