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"The Renters" are getting ready for their remodel! Watch as they set the stage of events that will be happening and you get a lay of the current floor plan. This rental home remodel is estimated to take between 8-10 weeks as they are moving themselves out and then into their landlord provided trailer located on the property...
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Rental Decorating Digest Announces the Release of First Paperback Book for Renters.


The popular online decorating publication, Rental Decorating Digest, announces today the release date and distribution of their first paperback book, "Decorating Your Rental Space" which is based on the website and authored by founder Tammy Jo Schoppet


Modesto, California (July 29, 2003) Rental Decorating Digest, an online publication focused on helping renters create stylish living within rental guidelines, announced August 1, 2003 as the release date of their first published book, "Decorating Your Rental Space", based on the increasingly popular website RentalDecorating.com

Whether decorating an apartment, home, studio or dorm, the book �Decorating Your Rental Space�, authored by Tammy Jo Schoppet, founder of the online company, is a compilation of the most common dilemmas experienced by renters from around the world and delivers the solutions in a complete do-it-yourself decorating book.

The down-to-earth interior design process includes taking a rental decorating project through 3 phases of decorating and helps renters create an affordable personal style and still get their deposit back. The book provides creative solutions for no-paint walls and ugly carpets that some renters are faced with upon moving in.

Tina Bauer, owner of the retail showroom Not Too Shabby, explained, �I think this book has been a long time coming to give renters the tools to decorate as they want, wherever they live and whatever their budget.� Learning basic interior design principles, such as finding a color scheme, creating a floor plan and decorating with roommates or children, is all tailored to fit within the lifestyle specific of a renter.

�One of the points I wanted to keep threaded throughout the book, was that you can still create style and stay within landlord guidelines.� said Tammy Jo Schoppet, founder and author. �What we do is help the renter find solutions for creating homeowner looks, in a temporary way!� She humorously states in the beginning of the book how she established the number one rental decorating website in her pajamas, at midnight, in the middle of 40 country acres. When asked the most important tip she would give a renter wanting to decorate, �Respect your landlord, live with what you love, think outside the box, and be willing to take action!�

Founded in January, 2000, Rental Decorating Digest (RentalDecorating.com) is an information based, web driven publication and is viewed worldwide.
�Decorating Your Rental Space� is published by Booksurge.com based in North Charleston, SC and may be requested through bookstores, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble or purchased at their online sites www.RentalDecorating.com or www.TheRentersMall.com  For wholesale or bookstore orders, visit: www.booksurgedirect.com 


The Book: Decorating Your Rental Space � A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Apartment, Home, Studio or Dorm, Author Tammy Jo Schoppet, ISBN# 1-59109-781-9 Paperback.


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